Wednesday, November 26

Why didn't a single U.S. network carry the emperor's amnesty speech live?

A few of you may have noticed that when the emperor made his announcement of amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens, not a single U.S. network carried the emperor's speech.

Why would every U.S. network have declined?  After all, the new decree not only represented a huge change in U.S. policy, but also a huge challenge to the Constitutional separation of powers.  How could the U.S. networks decide not to broadcast it live?

The official excuse was that the nets didn't want to delay their precious evening shows.  Of course only Democrats believe that nonsense.  Instead the far more likely reason is that broadcasting the emperor's amnesty decree live would have infuriated even more Americans than it did.

Whoa, can't have that!

Media editors and producers wouldn't want the American people to actually hear the amnesty decree right from the mouth of The One.  Far better to (allegedly) summarize, with perhaps five seconds of video.  That way you'll never know exactly what he said in the rest of the speech.  So if MSNBC says the emperor was explaining how Republican policies were "ripping families apart" you won't have any contradictory evidence. 

Cuz, like, the Republicans forced the "greatest president since Lincoln" to rewrite U.S. immigration law, because they didn't pass a law the emperor liked when he told 'em to.  And Article XII of the Constitution gives him the power to do that.  Look it up, stupid Americans.

Yeh, dat's it.  It's all the Rethuglicans' fault!  Long live the emperor!


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