Sunday, November 23

Obama's amnesty decree is win-win for him

Historically, when an election results in a thorough defeat for the president's political party, the president realizes The People have spoken.  He then typically changes political course, dropping policies that irritate most voters.

The president does this because normal logic says that continuing on the prior course will cost his party even more seats in the next election.  A rational president doesn't want that to happen.

One of the many things that's unsettling about Obama's unilateral decree legalizing over 5 million illegal aliens is that he issued this huge "fuck you" to Americans barely two weeks after Democrats suffered historic electoral losses.

I think most Americans would agree that this is not the behavior of a rational man--unless the guy's goal is more important than improving his party's prospects in the next election.

Considering that Obama's pattern for the past six years has been to threaten and confront, and use his race to intimidate his opponents into caving in, I suspect this amnesty move is just one of many equally outrageous ones we'll be seeing for the next two years--because it's a win-win strategy for him.

Not for the country, of course, but that doesn't matter to him.

He's confident Mitch McConnell--a man whose entire career screams "surrender to Democrats"--won't try to impeach him, regardless of any outrageous rape of the Constitution.  Indeed, the incoming senate majority leader announced even before Obama's executive order of amnesty that congress wouldn't take any budget action to oppose the move.

Republicans correctly see this as a betrayal, as proof that voting Republican accomplishes nothing.  Thus acts by Obama that *should* increase GOP support actually have the opposite effect: Every time Obama gets away with another outrage, more Republicans stop supporting the GOP.  Thus more executive orders that infuriate conservatives will actually cost the GOP votes and support, instead of winning it support.

Further, if Obozo does finally goad Republican members of congress into impeaching him, Obama wins more support from previously luke-warm Democrats by claiming the action is entirely because conservatives hate the idea of a black president.  Again, a good result for the Democrats.

Finally, one would be hard-pressed to find a single rational adult who doesn't believe that the 5 or 6 million illegals Obama just gave de-facto amnesty to won't start pushing to be able to vote within the next year.  And of course even if this doesn't happen for another 4 years or so, they'll be able to vote illegally in states without voter photo-ID, or in states that allow voting by mail without verifying US. citizenship.


You gotta give the guy credit:  He wanted to destroy the U.S.--made no secret of it--and the Democrats voted him president.  And now that he's doing what he promised to do, Democrats are not just totally fine with it, they're positively thrilled to have 5 million new Dem voters.

Just as they'll be thrilled if Obozo uses an executive order to outlaw gun ownership by private citizens.  It'll happen in stages, of course:  First he'll ban so-called "assault weapons."  Then semi-automatics (which are unfortunately incorrectly called just "automatic weapons.")  Then guns that can hold more than 4 rounds of ammo.  Then guns that can aren't purely for hunting--you get the drift.

This is what he did with his executive order allowing "Dreamers"--foreign kids who were brought into the U.S. illegally while young--to stay here indefinitely despite their illegal entry.  "It wasn't their doing," wailed the Left.  "We shouldn't punish them by deportation when they had no choice in coming here in the first place," they wailed.  Then after that was accepted the chant instantly changed to "Republicans who want to deport the parents of these poor kids are destroying families, ripping them apart!  Which shows that all that Republican talk about being 'pro-family' is just hypocrisy!"

Now, remember the 80,000-odd "unaccompanied minor children" who sneaked into the U.S. this past summer?  The Left is already demanding that we allow their parents to enter the U.S. "without fear of being deported," because if we don't do that, again we're destroying families.  No mention made of the fact that the parents were the ones who told their kids to go north in the first place!

You gotta hand it to the communists:  They know incrementalism and guilt are tremendously effective against well-meaning, short-sighted, naive, stupid people.  And they eagerly, energetically used those tools to destroy the U.S.

Oh, I hear you, liberals: "What a nutcase, to think that this li'l executive order destroyed the U.S!"  That's because most of you only look at the immediate victory and don't see the long-term effects.  Because if you agree with Obozo's premise that being poor and figuring out how to enter the U.S. illegally qualifies you to stay in the U.S. legally, what logical basis is there to refuse to extend the same privilege to *any* similar crasher in the future? 

What's that you say?  There isn't one?  Bingo.

Also, I hear some Republicans saying that blacks and young people of all races are beginning to realize they've been screwed by this amnesty, since 5 or 6 million more people will be competing with them for entry-level jobs.  First, I highly doubt anyone in the black community will *ever* link low wages or black unemployment to the amnesty, because of racial loyalty. 

Second, research has shown that most unskilled people have virtually the same disposable income from welfare as they would by working, meaning unemployment is no great loss.  Indeed,  unemployed people have sometimes admitted that they enjoy not having to work, and being able to spend their time as they wish.  And frankly, as long as you can live about the same way, that's pretty rational.

Finally, making the connection between increased unemployment to issuing "work permits" (a.k.a. green cards) to 5 or 6 million amnestied illegals requires the listener to have a solid understanding of the laws of supply and demand--concepts that leftists and low-information Americans seem not to believe.  The chances of this link getting across to the average low-info American are very, very low.


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