Tuesday, July 30

Media stoking racial anger after Zimmerman verdict

For a number of reasons--chiefly black anger/resentment, fired up by a media determined to lie to make a more dramatic story--a growing number of blacks are now absolutely convinced of 4 things:
  • that Trayvon Martin did nothing at all that would have caused an ordinary, reasonable person to shoot him; 
  • that George Zimmerman was gunning for Martin, determined to shoot him from the outset;
  • that Florida law "allows" people to "hunt and kill black youth;" and
  • regardless of the facts of the case, Zimmerman should have been convicted of *something,* solely because he shot a black teen.  

Nothing else matters to them.

Typical is a teacher in Alabama: "I see Trayvon Martins every day. I worry about young black men and their prospects in a world where a man is able to kill one without being convicted of something. Even if it isn’t as simple as that, kids will see it that way. Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand-your-ground moment.”

"...in a world where a man is able to kill [a black man] without being convicted of something."  Really?  Cuz I don't think that's really what bothers you.  Because if it did you'd be wailing about all the unsolved black-on-black shootings in Chicago.

The truth is that you have not a scintilla of interest in wailing about those shooting deaths--because it's not the fact that some blacks are being shot to death that bothers you.  Rather, it's the race of the shooter.  As you see it, while whites shooting blacks is an outrage, black-on-black shootings aren't much of a problem at all.

As I understand the definition, that makes you a racist.

Another teacher cited the verdict as showing that Florida law "allows people to hunt and kill black youth,” and said that it was important to talk about it with students.

Oh yes, by all means, talk about "it" with students.  Sadly for everyone, the "it" you'll talk about is the lie you already uttered:  That Florida law (or anywhere else) "allows people to hunt and kill black youth."

In a sane world you'd be jailed for uttering such incendiary bullshit--as deadly as yelling fire in a crowded theater (which virtually all rational adults know is not protected by the First Amendment).

But there's not a single politician in this country with the balls to call your bullshit by its name.  Because they're all scared shitless to be accused of being raaacist.

Just keep the incendiary lies coming, racebaiters--with the full backing of the mainstream media and nearly every Democratic politician.

When the black mob comes howling down your street, do you think they'll bother asking whether you're liberal before they kill you?


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