Monday, July 9

What in the world are they thinking?

The government of California is struggling to cope with a projected budget deficit of a few billion dollars. So what do the state's politicians propose?

"Hey, let's spend Billions to build a bullet-train!"

Great! There's so much automobile traffic between, say, San Francisco and L.A. that a train could prolly make enough to cover its operating costs.

Enviro: "Wait, we don't want you to put a rail line down the coast. It's way scenic and a rail line would ruin the view!"

Pol: "Okay, guess we'll scrap that idea."

Enviro: "Oh, no! We're all in favor of rail 'cuz it'll replace so many icky, polluting cars! We just don't want you to put it there.

Pol: "Well just where do you think that hyper-expensive project should go?"

Enviro: "The Central Valley. Say, Stockton to San Bernardino."

Pol: "What? But except for commercial trucks, almost nobody else drive from one of those places to the other. The thing wouldn't have any ridership."

Enviro: "Why does that matter? What's important is that you build it. See, it'll be a powerful statement that rail is good and automobiles are bad!"

Pol: "But it'll cost billions--and will lose hundreds of millions every year in operating costs! You people are...wait, how much did you contribute to our re-election campaign?"

Enviro: "Like we said--Central Valley. Oh, and we can get the feds to kick in 90 percent of the building costs. We gotta friend in the White House who absolutely loves big, shovel-ready projects like this."

So guess what, peons? Y'all are about to be paying billions of your tax dollars to build a rail line to nowhere, that will create thousands of construction jobs for illegal aliens in California and will then cost millions per year to operate, since it'll be nearly unused.

Y'say you're less than thrilled about that? Y'say this decision shows California's state pols are crazy or on the take? Congratulations--you're waking up.

Now tell me this: If you all can see why this was a stupid thing for California's pols to do, how does that state's situation differ materially from that of the entire U.S.? We're in debt up to our eyeballs, but instead of reducing goofy, unneeded spending, the current resident of the Oval Office keeps shoveling billions into more goofy, wasteful projects, like Solyndra, First Solar, Abound and so on.

Oh, and he keeps blocking things like drilling and pipelines and coal mining that actually do make a profit and employ people. And help keep our energy costs down.

The moron is on tape saying that under his plans "your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket." Well at least that part of his plan is working.


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