Thursday, December 30

Islam at work, part 45,834

The Times of India reports that a 12-year-old girl was captured near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. She told police that she and many other girls had been trained as suicide bombers.

She said the group that trained her was headed by her sister-in-law.

Think about those statements for a bit: What kind of cult trains 12-year-old girls to be suicide bombers?

Or for that matter, what kind of demented fanatics would use kids of either sex as suicide bombers?

Folks, this is what we're up against. The problem isn't this or that explosive device being smuggled into some venue, but Islamic fanatics, period.

If there were a magic device that would somehow prevent explosives from exploding, does anyone think that would put an end to murders by Islamic fanatics?

The problem is the Islamic doctrine demanding that everyone in the world either submit or convert. All else is simply detail.

If this problem is ever to be solved, either the extremists must be re-educated to abandon violence, or else we must make pushing violence and training agents so totally fatal that the pool of recruits will dry up.

Keep in mind that the top guys aren't the ones volunteering to blow themselves up. Instead they recruit naive teenagers to do that, while they live to spread the cancer. That's the part of the chain to disrupt.

Eliminate the trainers and organizers, and the teens and pre-teens won't be led to suicide.


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