Sunday, December 26

Is God to blame for the state of the world?

A certain leftist cartoonist drew a Christmas day strip that implied that the state of the world today should be blamed on God.

I strongly disagree. If humans have free will, how can any rational person ascribe any blame to God for human malice, greed or what have you? But the story got me to thinking about the seemingly huge asymmetry between the way God is regarded by those on the left and right side of our politics.

Seems to me folks on the right think something like this:
  • God is wonderful, and has blessed each of us in ways too numerous to count;
  • We consider it an honor to help carry out His plans, so we try to be more generous, more loving, more supportive, et cetera, every new day;
Seems t' me most folks on the Left think more like this:
  • Either God doesn't exist or else He/She is capricious if not downright cruel;
  • If God did exist, and were actually all-powerful, He/She would never allow [fill in the blank] to happen; since it does happen, it must follow that God doesn't exist;
  • Since there is no God, no one can say for certain what's 'right' and 'wrong;' ergo, anyone can do anything they like, as long as they believe they're not being malicious;
  • There are so many poor people that individuals and private charities can't help them all; so we will solve that by having government force everyone to help the poor, by using tax revenue to fund welfare programs.
If you're on the Left politically and take issue with any of this, let me know. Otherwise we can use the old debating maxim that "silence implies agreement."


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