Tuesday, August 31

"How do I start this thing??!"

How the hell did *this* happen??!

I was reading Belmont Club and wanted to make a simple comment--how hard should it be? But to comment on Wretchard's blog, apparently you have to be vetted by Blogger some way. So I followed the instructions, and 3 minutes later I seem to have *my own blog*.

Well *that* was unexpected.

Just remember: if, months from now, I write something that prompts one of you go out and do something awful--to yourself or others--*it's really Wretchard's fault!* All I wanted to do was make one lousy comment on his blog. But NOOOO!!

About the "How do I start this thing?" title: In another lifetime I flew little jets, big jets, little helicopters and big helos for Uncle Sugar. The standing joke was that just about the time you got used to one plane, the AF would transfer you to a different one, and you got to start the process all over.

I'd just completed training in a new aircraft, then had a month or so before getting to my new post in Nakon Phanom, Thailand. Got in the new plane for my first flight at the new base, and realized I didn't have the faintest recollection of how to *start* the damn thing.

In the ranking of life's lessons, humility is way up near the top


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